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FLO De-Stressing Unit

FLO was designed to alleviate the harmful effects of stress from the body and mind and offer a unique opportunity for higher connection and self healing.

Experiencing FLO

The accumulation of stress seems to compromise our innate self healing ability. Fortunately, de-stressing helps restore this capacity.


FLO is a highly-efficient technology that has been created for alleviating stress in people, based upon fundamental discoveries in physics and related technology representing two decades of scientific research. Being in the FLO environment assists in remembering one's fundamental state of harmony. 


An individual session is typically 30-40 minutes, during which time the client reclines within the FLO unit surrounded by a harmonious field of information that is projected within it. The client emerges feeling renewed and energized.

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The "Core Harmonizer"

What is the Core Harmonizer?

This portable technology creates a harmonious space using nested geometries, specific materials, and frequencies of music and light. 


What Does it Do?

This cutting-edge technology grounds, calms and helps create a harmonious environment, which in turn facilitates an enhanced meditative state. 


Who is it For?

Not only is the Core Harmonizer ideal for harmonizing a space, it also allows for one to more easily and quickly achieve a meditative state. Even people who have in the past have had little to no success at meditating report that they are for the first time able to achieve a meditative state. The Core Harmonizer is for anyone and everyone including children and pets. (Please note that the offices we lease at this time do not allow pets. However if you would like your pet to experience the Core Harmonizer you are welcome to rent it.)


The Core Harmonizer is available three ways. First, you can reserve a Core Harmonizer session in the meditation room for an hour at a time using our online booking calendar ($20/person/hour or $15/person/hour when 2 or more people use at the same time, ie: group meditation). Second, you can rent the Core Harmonizer for a one week period ($150/week). Lastly, you can purchase a Core Harmonizer Unit ($4,800.00) direct from Conscious Technologies LLC. Please call us to inquire about availability for leasing and/or purchase options.

About Ross Newkirk:

The Core Harmonizer was developed by Ross Newkirk's Company, Conscious Technologies LLC. Ross has spent the last 13 years involved in various cutting-edge technologies involving information fields. He has worked alongside his father Marc Newkirk and other scientists designing and creating technologies designed to re-empower mankind. Several of these technologies include the Lightfield Unit and FLO De-Stressing Unit, both of which create a harmonious environment through the use of information fields comprised of specific frequencies of light, music, and geometries.

FLO Unit

Client Feedback

“Like a Spring Cleaning for our Body, Mind, and Spirit!”


“A peaceful balancing sanctuary to remind you that all you really need is within you. A way to get in touch with your inner self.”


“Its beyond a good nights sleep - the effects of FLO are lasting.”


“You not only de-stress, but you find yourself not stressing over the things you normally would.”


“After my first session I found myself really joyful for days.”


“A rejuvenation of my Body, Mind, and Spirit.”


“Its like a full service tune-up for your body and mind.”


“All my meridians were open and flowing from head to toe.”


“I felt as if I released a large burden. My day was peaceful. Also, I was able to see and feel things in clearer light.”


“My first experience of the FLO de-stressing unit was fascinating and very powerful. I’ve used some other modalities and this one led me into a very deep emotional healing state. I think everyone holds trauma during difficult times and we need to go and process and heal that eventually. My experience was that the FLO unit quickly put me in a deep state in which I was able to do this.”

“Like a deep meditation with the static removed!”


“I’ve experienced the FLO unit 3 times in 3 weeks… for me I have to say my pulse is at 65… feeling so relaxed… joyful… free of worries… sleeping great.”


“I have received great inspiration from my FLO session. They have helped me free myself from some of the things I have been working through.”

Core Harmonizer

Client Feedback

"Provides a great calming presence." 


"Grounds you at the core.”


"Brings you to an elevated state of awareness.”


"This is better than my hot tub.”


"I can feel the energy come up through my legs and into my stomach.”


"Everything in the world seemed to fade away and I became very aware of the now moment and it quieted my inner chatter so I could focus on being still.”


"Brings you to an altered state. I really like it."

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